Welcome 2014



We stand on the threshold of yet another new year.  For those who faced enormous challenges, endured incredible difficulties, and suffered great loss, 2014 couldn’t have come quickly enough.  Others prospered and experienced great blessings in 2013, therefore they are sorry to see such a great year pass away.  I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum play out in the lives of the people I pastor and I’ve experienced the entire spectrum in my own life.  It was both a great year and a very challenging year.  Through the highs and lows of the past 365 days, one thing has been consistent, God has done everything He promised to do.  He never failed to meet a genuine need.  He never failed to give peace to my troubled soul.  He never failed to give strength when I was weak.  He never failed to remind me of His presence when I felt forsaken.  He never failed to reassure me of His acceptance when I had been rejected.  He never failed to forgive me  when I sinned, and sinned, and sinned (you get the picture).  He never failed to love me, even when I failed to love Him.  He never failed to continue the work He began in me, even when I wouldn’t do my part.  God never failed.

Those of you that are redeemed can also attest to this truth as you review the past 365 days of your life.  Have there been difficulties? Yes.  Were there times you felt as if you were hanging on by a very thin thread?  You bet.  Were there moments of despair, anxiety, stress and even doubt?  Absolutely.  Did God ever fail you?  Never!

So, as we’ve taken our first step into a brand new year I’m thankful that our hope is not based on what may or may not happen. I’m grateful that our joy doesn’t have to be determined by our circumstances.   Our hope is anchored to our unfailing, unchanging God.  Our joy flows from His love for, and grace toward us.

This truth alone compels me to say, “Happy New Year!”